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House of Class is not just a name, it’s an experience. When the term Furniture Nelspruit comes to mind, House of Class shimmers as a beacon of style, quality and sophistication in this beautiful Lowveld city.

Our clients are worldly, wise, and have a sure sense of style so when it comes to choosing Furniture in Nelspruit , at House of Class they feel right at home. Would you like to visit us? Well you can find us here, or alternatively contact us.

The words Furniture Nelspruit or furniture Mpumalanga may conjure up different visuals for every person, but after a trip to House of Class , a new world of possibilities opens up. We focus on comfort and don’t sacrifice on a quality. We are giddily exited by every shipment of furniture that arrives on our doorstep from the far corners of the globe, and humbled to be able to bring our Nelspruit and Mpumalanga clientele such a diverse offering of furniture pieces. Why not request a quote ?

Furniture in NelspruitWhat we offer:

Our showroom is a bit of an Aladdin’s cave, just much more interesting. It’s often through word of mouth, one trusted friend referring another friend, that clients arrive on our doorstep for the House of Class experience.

When it comes to Furniture Nelspruit or furniture Mpumalanga, we’ll, we’ve got the lot. As a division of House of Class , La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery provides you with Lazyboy Furniture in Nelspruit .

La-Z-Boy has come a long way from its start in 1928 and like House of Class , its brand is associated with quality and comfort. We are also the go-to furniture showroom when the following terms come up: furniture Nelspruit, couches Nelspruit, lounge suites Nelspruit, occasional chairs Nelspruit, coffee tables Nelspruit, plasma units Nelspruit and plasma stands Nelspruit.

Why not take a walk through our showroom today. Make some time though, you’ll want to get lost among the tall cupboards, the vibrant lounge suites, bespoke dining tables and small secret gems like antique pad locks that would add that something extra to your coffee table.

Buy quality for the long term

A debate has raged for years in living rooms across the world, and also when people are discussing acquiring Furniture in Nelspruit .

The questions is: Do you invest in quality furniture that will last you a long time, or do you opt for a cheap option to simply fill a space? There are merits to both, but with quality furniture there is no downside. When you opt to acquire cheaper furniture to fill a space, it often ends up being used of the long term, and creates a cheap living experience.

Even if you have the good intentions to replace your cheaper furniture with quality pieces, you’re often too busy to try and sell off the low quality pieces, and also find it very hard to make back your money if you can. This is due to mass production methods. A lot of furniture available at large retail chains are constructed from materials that easily perish with regular use.

Our advice is to rather save yourself from future furniture hassle, and make the financially smart choice to invest in quality and durable furniture.
We also love to talk to our clients and understand what they are looking for when it comes to furniture design , so please speak to us if would like some ideas or advice.
We are open daily and you can find us at 32 Rapid Street, Riverside Industrial Park, Nelspruit.

There is a rich source of expert advice at House of Class when it comes to leather care in Nelspruit and the care of wooden products or wood care in Nelspruit. You see, we’re not only the top suppliers op leather couches in Nelspruit, but our team is also of great value with their years of experience in the industry. Whether it’s a carpet stain, or how to look after your valuable wood furniture, give House of Class a call.